VENEERS Albuquerque NM

What are Veneers?
Veneers are porcelain caps/crowns/thin covering porcelain that slips over your existing teeth. These veneers are custom made to fit over your teeth. These teeth are made by a highly and well experience lab technician. The color, shape and fit are carefully design to bring out the smile you want. Then they are permanently bonded onto your natural tooth to give it a good fit.


AVAILABLE DENTAL CARE. Once you have had a crown for your tooth completed. what about general dental care? Regular visits for examinations Emergency Dental Care (, today and set up your appointment today.

Crown and Cap work

Rather than allowing a damaged tooth to further fracture and deteriorate, a dental crown provides additional integrity to the tooth as well as the desire appearance you don't have to risk further pain if you have a large filling that is falling out or a week tooth that's threatening to break.. dental crown cover the tooth and provide a sturdy, beautiful cover to let you speak, smile, and eat without pain. William c. Gardner DDS PA Emergency Dental Care ( has crowns for your teeth as well as complete general and emergency dental care.

Why Dental Crowns?

A weak or cracked tooth is at risk of fracturing. Not only is the extremely painful but it can be dangerous. If bacteria reaches the interior pulp of a tooth, it can cause an abscess. The infection can spread, weaken the jaw bone, cause severe pain and even become life-threatening. This is why teeth have had large fillings which had large fillings which are no longer staying in place, cracked or chipped teeth or obviously week teeth should have dental crowns. Dental crowns are usually made of porcelain, acrylic, ceramic and metal. After the tooth has been repaired.-a cavity attended, and root canals completed, infection cleared away-the shell is attached over the tooth. this cemented in place, providing a brand-new tooth that will withstand you normal wear and tear. dental crowns can also be use to cap existing teeth to provide abettor appearance