General Dental Care for the whole family

Pediatric dentistry has special challenges involve, as a child grows, their teeth develop and new dental needs may arise. And it can be difficult for a child to transition from kids' dentist to one that works primarily with adults.

This also means transferring dental records and developing a rapport with new staff and new dentist, but William C. Gardner DDS PA (http// has a solution for that.

From Pediatric to Adult Dentistry

Fillings, William C. Gardner DDS PA (http//, cleanings William C. Gardner DDS PA (http//, examinations William C. Gardner DDS PA (http// and orthodontic/Braces care are part of pediatric dentistry. These visits don't have to be frightening for your child. With the right kids' dentist, having their teeth cleaned is no more terrifying than buying new shoes. That's the kind of experience we strive to provide every one of our pediatric patients.

As a child grows, their dental needs changes. Baby teeth give way to permanent teeth and any adjustments needed to correct their bite should be done early on in development. This allows your child to develop better dental hygiene and provides them with a healthy, beautiful smile that will last them a lifetime. And when their adult teeth are in and fully settled, they won't have to go anywhere else to get the dental care they deserve.



William C. Gardner DDS PA (http// Dentist in Albuquerque New Mexico provides complete dental care for everyone, from pediatric patients to adults; we offer general, cosmetic and emergency care to ensure that you receive the same level of professional. Compassionate attention every time. With all of your necessary dental service under a single roof, you never had to wonder where to go for help again.

Ensure the dental health of yourself and your children for years to come, contact us William C. Gardner DDS PA (http// Dentist in Albuquerque New Mexico today and schedule your appointment!