Anyone can be dissatisfied with their smile, but we've come to believe braces are only for children, but did you know that braces work as well for adults? It's never too late to improve your smile. William C. Gardner DDS PA Emergency Dental Care ( has Orthodontics services available for children and adults alike.

Mal-occluded or crooked teeth don’t necessarily make smile unattractive. But there’s only so much in the human mouth, and when teeth begin to overlap and grind against each other, dental issues can arise. A mis-aligned bite can be even lead to jaw joint disorders biting and chewing problems form crooked or crowded teeth and even result in tooth decay.

Braces help align your teeth, close gaps and prevent the damage that years of usage can cause incorrectly placed teeth. There are a variety of options available for braces-traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, concealed braces and invisible braces. As the braces must be adjusted to suit individual needs, you’ll have to discuss your options with your dentist. Invaslign

Even though you’re having your teeth aligned with braces, you still need general dental care and what about emergencies? Not all cosmetic dentists will provide general, care, and not all dentists can offer emergency dental care.

William C. Gardner DDS PA TM can provide all of the dental care you need, form cosmetic to emergency. Your oral health is vital to your overall well –being. Your smile is part of you daily life, get all the care you need for both without sacrificing quality of care.